Host a Live Event

Jennifer is committed to making sure each of your guest’s experience is exceptional.

What kind of event do you want to arrange?

Lecture:  From a podium or stage, Jennifer delivers an informational presentation to your audience.  Question and answer opportunities are limited in this format. (target length 30-45 minutes)



Seminar:  Like a lecture but for smaller groups that want to ask questions in a comfortable setting.  Best for groups of 30 or less.   (target length 1-2 hours)



Workshop:  Unlike a lecture or seminar, a workshop is a guided interactive training experience.   Each participant is actively engaged in the completion of a project from start to finish. Best for groups of 12 or less.  (target length 1-2 hours per session, may include single or multi-day sessions)


Information Table:  Jennifer or other Homeschooling for College Credit volunteers are on hand during your event to answer questions about homeschooling and distribute informational literature to your patrons.  (length 1-4 hours)




Let’s Connect!

I know reaching out to a speaker can be intimidating,  but I hope to make this as handscomfortable for you as possible.  Don’t be shy, there is nothing I love more than meeting with homeschooling parents, and I’m thrilled that you’re considering me for your event!

Though the Homeschooling for College Credit community is a free social network run by Facebook volunteers, bringing an expert to your event costs money.  Requests for all event types and price ranges are encouraged.

Jennifer’s fees are listed in her speaker packet.  Please fill out the form below and Jennifer will personally contact you about your event and the availability of experts in your area.

Jennifer’s Speaker Packet