How to Start


Welcome!! Tens of thousands of parents JUST LIKE YOU have made college a reality for their family. By earning college credit in high school, you’re leveraging the opportunities available to your family TODAY that won’t be as easy to grab after high school graduation! Before high school graduation, college credits are generally very affordable- some are even free, so you can save significant money when you start early!

How early? Anytime really. You know your teen best, and we have members of our community that started in middle school, but usually a teen starts in high school.

How smart? Teens of every ability level can earn college credit, your teen doesn’t have to be an “A” student or genius! In fact, even students with learning challenges or those below grade level have earned college credit. As you’ll learn, there are 30+ ways to earn college credit in high school, and the unique characteristics of each way means that there is a college credit option for everyone.

What subjects? Literally every subject. Whether you want your teen to start on typical college subjects, career classes, or something more interest-driven, there is a way for them to start earning college credit. Some “typical college subjects” your teen might pursue can include English, History, Math, Science, Foreign Language, etc. Career classes might include Automotive, Cybersecurity/IT, Nursing, Welding, etc. And some students are solely interests-driven. These students study what fuels their passion.

You can learn the basics of Homeschooling for College Credit in a binge-worthy weekend, but we want you to stick around!

This is a big community of parents here, and a strong team of volunteer experts. The longer you’re here, the more you’ll learn and the more expert you’ll become. You don’t have to be an expert in “everything” we just want you to become the expert for your homeschool family.

Let’s get started!

Step 1

Watch Now. Watch the introductory video Homeschooling for College Credit 101. This 1-hour video gives you the best orientation and all the big pieces of the puzzle. You’ll leave the session fired up and ready to go!

Step 2

Get the Book. Learn about college credit types. If you don’t already own Homeschooling for College Credit, you can pick that up from your local library or on Amazon. Be sure you get the 2nd edition – education moves at warp speed and the first edition is obsolete. The 2nd edition is available in paperback or Kindle (the audio book is only available for the 1st edition and not recommended! It’s too old!) Chapter 2 is targeted to teach you about credit types. Knowing the types will be one of the most important things you learn along your journey.

If you don’t have the book, you can Bookmark the 30 Ways to Earn College Credit in High School. (aka Chapter 2 in the book). Click on any of the credit types on the list to learn more about them. Not all college credits are created equally, and this page will serve as a resource you can refer back to time and time again.

Step 3

Join our community– simply find your state’s HS4CC group on Facebook and request to join. There is no expectation, to participate, but you’ll need to know if your state has a free or reduced tuition dual enrollment program. If it does, you’ll immediately want to learn about eligibility and costs. If your state doesn’t offer free programs, your group will be the best resource for what parents in your state are doing to accumulate college credit at a reasonable cost. Look up my state

Step 4

Understand Credit Laundering. Colleges are highly predictable in how they handle incoming credit, but people are exceptionally creative, and it doesn’t take long before bright parents to think they’ve found a loophole. Let’s look at that loophole I call Credit Laundering. Understanding how your teen’s college credit will be evaluated by a future college is ESSENTIAL.

Step 5

Read, read, read, watch, watch, watch, and ask, ask, ask! Go back into the various credit types and dive deeper into the pros and cons, how they fit into your educational program, and what they cost.

  • READ- We have over 1,000 pages of free content on this website- each dedicated to helping you learn how to do this! Between the website and the book, Homeschooling for College Credit, you’ll get the confidence you need to navigate the process.
  • WATCH- We have dozens of (free) recorded workshops covering the topics that matter to you the most. We also offer opportunities to attend live workshops on Zoom or occasionally in person.
  • ASK- Your Facebook group is full of parents a little further down the path than you, but our moderating team are standing by ready to help. If you still have questions, you can reach out to me directly, and I’ll make sure you get pointed in the right direction.