You’ve probably read about InstantCert in this blog, in Homeschooling for College Credit, over on our Facebook page, or you might even be a member.  This page will give you a general overview of what it is, what it’s NOT, and how you can use it in your homeschool.

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Disclaimer:  The content of this blog is not endorsed, evaluated, or approved by InstantCert Academy in any way.

Official Website:  InstantCert Academy

What it is:  An online flashcard study system for most CLEP, DSST, TECEP, and UExcel exams (formerly called ECE).  InstantCert also offers a GED study product.  InstantCert flashcards are aligned with each exam by topic.

What it isn’t:  Actual test questions.  InstantCert does not give you the actual test questions to memorize.  The flashcards are representative of what you will be tested on.

What it isn’t:  Curriculum.  InstantCert is test prep.  While many adults on the IC forum skip over curriculum and use IC flashcards to quickly cram for their CLEP from scratch, homeschool parents may want to use IC after their teen’s regular high school course.  For example, if you’re using Apologia Biology with Lab, IC is an excellent test prep product to use after the text and labs are finished.  IC will pull together the main ideas that will be on the test, in proper distribution, and reconcile what will be on the exam with what your teen studied.  I make the point of using Apologia Biology as an example because Christian parents often prefer teaching subjects like science from a Christian worldview, but still want their teen to know what will be covered on the CLEP test.  The flashcards will generally work well for that purpose.

How it works:  IC has 2 distinctive and separate parts.

Part 1 is the forum.  The community forum, of which I’m a long-standing active member and contributor, is *literally* the best resource of CLEP/DSST/TECEP/UExcel hobbyists on the planet.  The forum is free to use, simply create a username and enjoy!  If you happen to visit, my username there is Cookderosa, feel free to say hello.  Many of our 40 Facebook moderators are also either members or moderators at IC as well.

Part 2 is the flashcard bank.  If someone in your family is studying for an exam, you can purchase a subscription ($20/month) to the flashcard bank.  You only need 1 account for everyone.  The flashcards are in digital format, and you can access them from most devices.  You do not have to subscribe to the flashcards to participate in the forum, but if you do, there is a “paying members only” folder in the forum called Specific Exam Feedback where members share their tips, comments, and strategies following their exam.

Why I love InstantCert:  I’ve been a subscriber to InstantCert since March 2007 (+10 years!)  Early in my CLEP journey, I used the flashcards to pass many exams.  The real value of InstantCert isn’t just the flashcards (which produce astonishing pass rates among members,) but it’s the forum.  The forum is full of altruistic servant leaders who do nothing but volunteer day after day to help others.  While I count myself among them now, back in 2007, I was nothing more than a confused and excited student hoping to earn a few credits.  My questions were answered patiently, with grace, and kindness.  I’ve never met a better group of people.  In fact, I dedicated my first edition of Homeschooling for College Credit to the site’s owner Steven Gloer (username Sgloer).

With enthusiasm to Sgloer, my bridge to things possible.  Thanks for setting up InstantCert, the best testing resource on the web. -Jennifer

If you’re reading this page, it’s because of Steve.

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