Introduction to the Second Edition

From Homeschooling for College Credit, 2nd Edition by Jennifer Cook-DeRosa (2018)
A lot has changed since I penned the first draft of Homeschoolingcover_ed2
for College Credit in 2011. Within my own family, there are now
9 degrees from 7 different colleges hanging in our hallway. With two
more sons still in high school, I expect we’ll have a baker’s dozen by the
time we’ve finished. None of us are brainiacs, and none of us have student
loan debt. The first edition was mostly theoretical, a framework
outlining what was probably possible, but the second edition reflects
the actions of my family and the 12,000 homeschooling parents who
follow my blog and Facebook pages. The techniques in this book work!
The second significant change since the first edition was the
expansion of our Facebook community from a single page to groups
in every state. As you’ll soon learn, each state has precise access to
homeschooling for college credit resources, funding, and opportunities.
With parents in each state contributing to the body of knowledge,
we are now in a position to improve and target guidance and
advice shared within our community so every parent in the country
can begin injecting college credit into their teen’s homeschool curriculum.
The Homeschooling for College Credit community is the
only non-profit, non-bias, non-denominational, peer-to-peer community
organization dedicated to helping parents make the most out
of their teen’s high school career—and we are all volunteers.

42 volunteers and 12,000 parents have a lot to say. Through
their questions, contributions, challenges, and solutions, this edition
received an extensive and expansive rewrite. This edition has
more than DOUBLE the word count of the first edition. This edition,
I hope, anticipates your questions and gives you a large toolbox
of timeless resources and the confidence all the way through the end
of your homeschooling journey. Also, I have the honor of sharing
with you the wisdom of two colleagues, Cindy LaJoy of Blue Collar
Homeschool and LeAnn Gregory of 5 Major Steps. Both offer
insight into areas I fall short.
I’ve come out of this process honored by the many messages,
emails, and thank-you notes I’ve received over the years. Your “thank
you” messages are the inspiration for this revised edition and continue
to encourage me to find new and creative ways to help you
earn college credit. I’ve shared a few in each chapter, since I believe
that the encouragement and success experienced by other parents
will help you see that this is possible for you, too. Whether you’re
new to the Homeschooling for College Credit journey or a seasoned
veteran, I hope my work blesses your family. It has been my pleasure
writing this second edition for you, thank you!

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