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12/15/2021Liberty University: Resourceful Homeschooling for an Affordable Bachelor’s Degree! You’ll learn how to make the most of your Christian homeschool program by resourcefully planning your teen’s degree from prestigious Liberty University. During this 2+ hour live stream intensive workshop, Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, and HS4CC expert Shelley Cloutier will walk you step by step through a degree completion strategy that you can begin anytime in high school. You’ll learn which courses your teen should take, when to take them, and how you can save the most money. By following this Homeschooling for College Credit approach, you will learn how to plan your teen’s degree at Liberty University for less than half of their advertised cost. Each participant will receive a handout and a recording of the session. $40 space is limited. 3pm EST-5pm EST Register Now
01/00/2022Homeschooling for College Credit 101 In this recorded session, Jennifer Cook-DeRosa gives you a “crash course” in the principles of Homeschool for College Credit. You’ll learn the basics of how college enrollment works, what types of college credit are available, how to compare college credit types, and how to find and use our community resources. 1 hourWatch Now
01/07/2022Affordable Dual Enrollment Spring 2022 Edition In this live session, we’ll look at my top picks for the most affordable and HS4CC-friendly distance learning dual enrollment programs. This workshop is especially helpful for families without access to free dual enrollment in their state. $2.99 technology fee to attend live- this program is being recorded for free replay later. 1 hour (2:00pm EST)Register Now
01/00/2020Your 1st CLEP Exam Everything that you need to know to get ready for and take your first exam. In this recorded session, Jennifer discusses the various exams available, how to build your homeschool curriculum around CLEP exams, how to prepare for the exam, and step by step instructions for signing up. 1 hourWatch Now
01/14/2022Transcript Intensive Building a great homeschool transcript with lots of college credit has its challenges!  In this special 2 1/2 hour live online class taught by HS4CC Executive Director Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, you’ll learn how to build a homeschool transcript with confidence.  In the first hour you’ll learn about record keeping, calculating weighted and unweighted GPA, preparing graduation documents. In the second hour, we’ll tackle the nuances of recording high school and college credit entries from all types of credit sources including dual enrollment, CLEP, Advanced Placement, Sophia,, continuing education, and homeschool curriculum . We’ll wrap up in the last hour with plenty of time for your questions and answers about titles, course descriptions, and how to present your teen’s accomplishments like a pro.  Everyone who registers will receive the handout and recording of the entire session. $40 space is limited.  3pm EST-5:30pm EST   Register Now
01/00/2022Simple Math Difficult Decisions An unfiltered look at the business of college and how you can navigate a system where most students end up in debt and don’t graduate. In this recorded session, we look at calculating the real cost of a degree, and real ways to bring that cost down as low as possible without the uncertainty of scholarships. 1 hour Watch Now
01/21/2022Dual Enrollment 101 What is dual enrollment and is it right for your family? In this session we’ll discuss how to qualify for dual enrollment, what it costs, what you can expect, and how to bring it into your homeschool program with wisdom. $2.99 Technology fee to attend live- this program is being recorded for free replay later. 1 hour (2:00pm EST)Register Now
01/28/2022Night of Encouragement You’ll hear from 3 Homeschooling for College Credit parents and teens who’ve offered to share their personal stories, struggles, and successes from their HS4CC journey. This night of encouragement is not to be missed! $2.99 Technology fee to attend live – this program is being recorded for free replay later. 1 hour (5:00pm EST)Register Now
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Past Events

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09/14/2017Huntersville Library, Huntersville, NC
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10/09/2016Imagine On, Charlotte, NC
04/23/2016Atlanta Homeschool Group, Atlanta, GA
04/19/2016New Hope Worship Center, Concord, NC
03/24/2016Central Church of God, Charlotte, NC
02/23/2016Steele Creek Library, Charlotte, NC
02/18/2016North County Library, Huntersville, NC
02/13/2016Mint Hill Library, Matthews, NC
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10/10/2015Learning in Faith Together, Fayetteville, NC
04/24/2015Hillcrest Enrichment, Kernersville, NC
04/21/2015Learning In Faith Together, Fayetteville, NC
04/17/ 2015Mill Creek Baptist Church, Monroe, NC
03/20/ 2015NC Homeschool Adventures, Sanford, NC
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02/20/ 2015Central HS Support Group, Charlotte, NC
01/26/2015Cabarrus County Homeschool, Concord, NC
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