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04/04/2023Info: Arizona State University Universal Learner 8pm ESTRegister
04/20/2023Live HS4CC Q&A Hour with Jennifer 5pm-6pm ESTRegister

Jennifer is available to speak at select events.

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Previous Events

03/27/2023Info: Arizona State University Prep Digital
03/23/2023Dumb Ox AP Courses- info session
03/23/2023Orientation for HS4CC Campus Beta Testers
03/21/2023Info: Dual Credit at Dallas College
03/20/2023Live HS4CC Q&A Hour with Jennifer
03/20/2023Orientation for HS4CC Campus Beta Testers
03/16/2023Orientation for HS4CC Campus Beta Testers
03/02/2023Dual Credit at Tarrant County College
02/25/2023Transcript Intensive Course
02/23/2023Info: Dual Credit at Lone Star College
02/21/2023Live HS4CC Q&A Hour with Jennifer
02/16/2023Dual Credit at Houston Community College
02/13/2023Dual Credit at Texas State Technical College
02/11/2023Transcript Intensive Course
02/09/2023How to HS4CC in Texas
01/28/2023Transcript Intensive Course
01/14/2023Transcript Intensive Course
01/05/2023Live HS4CC Q&A Hour with Jennifer
01/05/2023Orientation for HS4CC Campus Beta Testers
12/09/2022Live HS4CC Q&A Hour
11/21/2022 Live HS4CC Q&A Hour
11/12/2022PreHS4CC Welcome Event
10/07/2022Live HS4CC Q&A Hour
10/04/2022Degrees+ with Outlier
09/30/2022Live HS4CC Q&A Hour
09/27/2022Homeschool New York LEAH
08/30/2022Franklin University Dual Enrollment Info Session
08/27/2022Transcripts Live
06/14/2022Homeschooling for College Credit Information Session
05/18/2022Transcript Intensive
05/17/2022Monthly Panel Programming
04/26/2022Homeschooling for College Credit in Missouri
04/25/2022Global Scholars Information Session
04/19/2022Monthly Panel (pt. 2) Game Design & Development
04/18/2022Transcript Intensive
04/14/2022Monthly Panel (pt. 1) Game Design & Development
03/30/2022Homeschooling for College Credit 101
03/24/2022Matching CLEP to High School Subjects
03/18/2022Transcript Intensive
02/22/2022Building a CLEP Course from Scratch
02/22/2022CLEP 101
02/15/2022Monthly Panel: Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics.
02/10/2022Resourceful Degree Planning at Excelsior College
01/28/2022Night of Encouragement
01/18/2022Monthly Panel: Careers in Computer Science & IT
01/14/2022Transcript Intensive Workshop
01/07/2022Affordable Dual Enrollment Spring 2022 Edition
12/15/2021Liberty University: Resourceful Homeschooling for an Affordable Bachelor’s Degree
11/30/2021Franklin University Information Session
11/11/2021Featured Guest: High School Hamster Wheel Podcast
11/11/2021High School 101 Making the Most of Grades 9 & 10
11/10/2021College Credit for the Holidays
11/09/2021TEL Learning Self-Paced Dual Enrollment
10/27/2021Excelsior College Resourceful Homeschooling or an Affordable Bachelor’s Degree
10/20/2021Max CLEP in High School
10/13/2021New Member Welcome
10/06/2021Transcript Intensive Workshop
09/29/2021Taking Your First CLEP Exam
09/22/2021CLEP, AP, or Dual Enrollment? What’s the Difference?
09/15/2021Liberty University: Resourceful Homeschooling for an Affordable Bachelor’s Degree
09/01/2021Thomas Edison State University Resourceful Homeschooling for an Affordable Degree
08/31/2021Simple Math Difficult Decisions
08/30/2021Featured Guest: Humility and Doxology Podcast
08/30/2021Transcript Intensive
08/20/2021Arizona State University Universal Learner
08/11/2021The Big 3: Affordable Bachelor’s Degrees
08/09/2021New Member Welcome
08/03/2021Max CLEP in High School
08/02/2021Helping your Teenager plan for College and Careers
07/28/2021HS4CC at Franklin University
07/27/2021Transcript Intensive
07/26/2021Minnesota Homeschooling for College Credit
07/19/2021Featured Guest: True North Homeschool Academy
06/23/2021Transcript Intensive
06/22/2021CLEP, AP, or Dual Enrollment? What’s the difference?
06/16/2021New Member Welcome
06/15/2021Taking Your 1st CLEP Exam
06/14/2021North Carolina Homeschooling for College Credit
06/09/2021Associate Degrees in High School
06/08/2021Simple Math Difficult Decisions
06/07/20214 Reasons to Homeschool for College Credit This Year
06/03/2021Accelerating Your Dual Enrollment Program with CLEP
06/02/2021Dual Enrollment on your Transcript
06/01/2021Affordable Dual Enrollment
05/27/2021Max CLEP in High School
05/20/2021New Member Welcome Event
05/06/2021Arizona State University Universal Learner
04/29/2021New Member Welcome Event
04/28/2021Featured Guest: The Learning Lounge Podcast
04/22/2021Finding Affordable Dual Enrollment
04/15/2021Max CLEP in High School
04/14/2021In the Spotlight: Taylor University Dual Enrollment
04/08/2021Simple Math Difficult Decisions
04/08/2021New Member Welcome
04/07/2021Max CLEP in High School
03/31/2021Featured Guest: Interview
02/08/2021Introduction to Homeschooling for College Credit
01/22/20214 Big Reasons to earn College Credit in 2021
12/06/2020Featured Speaker: Homeschool Unschool Conference
12/03/2020Introduction to Homeschooling for College Credit
11/25/2020Featured Guest: Interview
11/19/2020Introduction to Homeschooling for College Credit
11/12/2020Introduction to Homeschooling for College Credit
11/05/2020Introduction to Homeschooling for College Credit
11/02/2020Featured Guest: Homeschool Project Podcast
10/22/2020Introduction to Homeschooling for College Credit
08/28/2020North Carolina HS4CC Live Zoom Event
08/28/2020Your First CLEP: What You Need to Know
08/06/2020Introduction to Homeschooling for College Credit
08/06/2020High School Transcripts
08/03/2020Associate Degrees in High School
08/01/2020Maximizing CLEP in your Homeschool
07/31/2020Minnesota Homeschooling for College Credit
07/30/2020Introduction to Homeschooling for College Credit
07/24/2020High School Transcripts
07/23/2020Degree Planning at the Big 3
07/22/2020Homeschooling for College Credit in NC
07/17/2020Your First CLEP: What you need to know
07/10/2020AP or CLEP which one to choose?
07/09/2020Introduction to Homeschooling for College Credit
07/02/2020High School Transcripts
06/30/2020Michigan Homeschooling for College Credit
06/26/2020North Carolina HS4CC Online Event
06/25/2020Maximizing CLEP in your Homeschool
06/20/2020Morning Coffee: Ask me anything
06/19/2020Introduction to Homeschooling for College Credit Online Event
06/11/2020High School Transcripts Online Event
06/05/2020Illinois HS4CC Online Event
05/28/2020Introduction to Homeschooling for College Credit Online Event
05/13/2020Washington, Oregon, and Alaska HS4CC
05/06/2020Texas Homeschooling for College Credit Online Event
04/24/2020Using CLEP in Your Homeschool
04/22/2020Ohio HS4CC Online Event
04/08/2020North Carolina HS4CC Online Event
04/08/2020Featured Guest Cabarrus Magazine Interview Podcast
04/04/2020Associate Degrees in High School Pros and Cons
04/04/2020St. Ann Catholic Homeschool Online Event
03/29/2020Homeschool Connect Expo, Online Convention
03/28/2020Homeschool Connect Expo, Online Convention
03/27/2020Homeschool Connect Expo, Online Convention
03/26/2020Homeschool Connect Expo, Online Convention
12/03/2019North County Library, Huntersville, NC
11/18/2019Mint Hill Library, Mint Hill, NC
08/17/2019Carolina Homeschool Conference, Apex, NC
08/08/2019HSB Bookstore, Wyoming, MI
06/29/2019Capital City HS Summit, Bismarck, ND
07/11/2019Featured Guest Cabarrus Magazine Interview
05/25/2019Forever Family Homeschool Coop, Knoxville, TN
03/15/2019Cornelius Library, Cornelius, NC
03/08/2019South County Regional Library, Charlotte, NC
03/01/2019Steele Creek Library, Charlotte, NC
02/14/2019Charlotte Homeschool Coop, Charlotte, NC
12/05/2018Featured Guest The Scholarship System Webinar
11/07/2018Mt. Island Library, Mt. Island, NC
10/17/2018ImaginOn Joe Martin Center, Charlotte, NC
05/22/2018St. Anne’s Catholic Homeschool, Clayton, NC
05/09/2018Steele Creek Library, Charlotte, NC
05/08/2018Scaleybark Library, Charlotte, NC
04/11/2018Morrison Regional Library, Charlotte, NC
04/10/2018South County Regional Library, Charlotte, NC
02/22/2018Raising Arrows Homeschool, Concord, NC
02/07/2018Hopes and Hills Homeschool, Bass, NC
01/14/2018Central Church Homeschool, Charlotte, NC
11/09/2017Steele Creek Library, Charlotte, NC
11/02/2017Scaleybark Library, Charlotte, NC
10/26/2017Elm Covenant Church, Moline, IL
10/02/2017Mt. Island Library, Mt. Island, NC
09/14/2017Huntersville Library, Huntersville, NC
08/12/2017Central Charlotte Homeschoolers, Charlotte, NC
08/01/2017Back to School College 101, Charlotte, NC
05/01/2017Matthews Library, Matthews, NC
02/15/2017Central Church Homeschool, Charlotte, NC
01/04/2017Mint Hill Library, Mint Hill, NC
10/09/2016Imagine On, Charlotte, NC
09/02/2016St. Anne’s Catholic Homeschool, Clayton, NC
07/24/2016Morrison Regional Library, Charlotte, NC
04/23/2016Atlanta Homeschool Group, Atlanta, GA
04/19/2016New Hope Worship Center, Concord, NC
03/24/2016Central Church of God, Charlotte, NC
02/23/2016Steele Creek Library, Charlotte, NC
02/18/2016North County Library, Huntersville, NC
02/13/2016Mint Hill Library, Mint Hill, NC
02/06/2016Matthews Library, Matthews, NC
10/10/2015Learning in Faith Together, Fayetteville, NC
08/14/2015Hopes and Hills Homeschool, Bass, NC
04/24/2015Hillcrest Enrichment, Kernersville, NC
04/21/2015Learning In Faith Together, Fayetteville, NC
04/17/ 2015Mill Creek Baptist Church, Monroe, NC
03/20/ 2015NC Homeschool Adventures, Sanford, NC
03/14/2015Lake Wylie Area Homeschool, Lake Wylie, SC
02/20/ 2015Central HS Support Group, Charlotte, NC
02/14/2015Steele Creek Library, Charlotte, NC
01/26/2015Cabarrus County Homeschool, Concord, NC
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