Oral Roberts Advantage

Thank you to HS4CC parents who offered to provide feedback about this program. If YOU have feedback, I’d love to add it to this page!

HS4CC Parent Amber M. “We’ve used this program for a total of six classes so far. I think it is a great program and is very easy to work with. We had our own adviser to coordinate with and there was no entrance exam. I like that it is a Christian university and the classes reflect that. The online classes are done on your own, so the assignments are laid out for the week and then must be completed by the following week. There are no lectures to attend or watch (at least not with the classes we’ve seen.) It is definitely set up for someone who is good at managing their own time. The teachers are available and will give feedback but the assignments are mostly on your own. It is $60 a credit hour, but there are also a couple of other fees included (the book, for example)-so we usually paid $210 for a three-hour class. They send out a transcript at the end of every semester, so we always have the most current one in our possession. We recently transferred the credits to our local community college (in Texas) and all of them were accepted but I would stick with the core classes if your plan is to transfer. I have been very happy with the program.” (09/2021)

HS4CC Parent Misti K. “My daughter took classes there the last 2 years (2020-2021) at ages 13 and 14. She took Spanish 1 and 2, Old Testament, New Testament and Biology with Lab. She got all A’s but I wouldn’t call them easy A’s, especially Spanish.

  • Some things we love about ORU Advantage….most of the teachers are very caring and act like Christians. We had one of them we didn’t care for cause she seemed picky, but the rest have been nice! My daughter really learned a lot in all the classes. I love that it was one of the few places she could take dual credit at 13yo. The classes all had a very Christian slant which I really loved especially in Biology. We have used many other colleges, even Christian, and couldn’t tell it was any different than secular colleges.
  • Some things we didn’t like…..after experiencing 8 week semesters at other colleges, an entire semester seems like a long time. 😊 Many of the classes, the due dates were hard to figure out for a few weeks. This happened with a few of the classes. The syllabi and teachers weren’t very clear and it led to many emails to clarify. OVerall, it’s a great place for classes where you really want to learn the information. They have fairly high expectations compared to other schools, but that is good in most ways. We have switched to Campbellsville University now that she is in 10th grade and qualifies because they have 8 week semesters and she can accumulate more credit faster that way. We miss the deep Christian slant, though CU is Christian, it is not at all coming through in her Earth Science class as it did at ORU’s Biology. Overall, I recommend ORU especially for younger kids ready for dual enrollment who can’t go elsewhere and you want nice teachers with a Christian Worldview. Great price too!”