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HS4CC Partnerships

Homeschooling for College Credit is proud to have partnerships with the following universities and businesses to offer our members special perks, rewards, scholarship, discounts, or other benefits!

Using these partnership links helps you save money while supporting this website! It doesn’t cost you a dime to support us this way!

We have a special HS4CC portal that gives you access to Universal Learner classes not otherwise available to the general public or are part of a beta program. Please use our portal!

Outlier offers college credit programs. Use Jennifer’s referral link to get $75 off your next course!

Enrolling at GCU after high school? Be sure to tell them you are a member of Homeschooling for College Credit and your student will receive an automatic scholarship of $3,050 per year through our ALPHA partnership.

HS4CC families receive 30% off three months of your College Accelerator program when you enter my special code “JenniferCookDeRosa” at checkout!

Buy One Get One Law Shelf course exclusive deal I’ve set up for HS4CC families! Interested students should email and provide the code: HS4CC

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