About HS4CC


Jennifer Cook-DeRosa is the founder and Executive Director of the Homeschooling for College Credit organization.  Jennifer is also the author of the book, Homeschooling for College Credit.


The organization began as a Facebook fan page for the book, Homeschooling for College Credit in 2012.  In 2015 we became an online community through the development of support groups in all 50 states.  Our community currently serves about 40,000+ families across many social media platforms.


Everyone who works in the organization, including Jennifer, is a volunteer.   Our leadership team consists of about 40 well-trained volunteers who have experience guiding their own teens through Homeschooling for College Credit.  Meet the team.

No Ads / No information selling

There are no ads running on these pages, and your information is not being collected and sold to fund our existence. By keeping operational expenses to a bare minimum we can continue to provide free resources and services AD-FREE to as many people as possible for as long as possible.  This site is funded by Jennifer Cook-DeRosa as a personal philanthropic mission.

Your support

The best way to support Homeschooling for College Credit is by sharing our content in the homeschool community and requesting the book, Homeschooling for College Credit, be added to your local library shelves.  These actions don’t cost you anything but are essential to our organization’s longevity and share resources within the homeschooling community.  Since the organization is not a 501c3, charitable contributions are not accepted at this time.

Links taking you off this site

We make every effort to only share links of highly reputable and well-regarded websites.  If you encounter a link or product that is suspect, do not conduct business with them and contact Jennifer right away.

Jennifer’s professional work

Jennifer’s professional work inside the system inspired the establishment of this platform outside the system. As such, Jennifer institutes an ethical wall between this organization and her professional working relationships with colleges and universities.  

As a life-long homeschooler with 25 years of experience in college administration, advising, and teaching, Jennifer uses this social media platform to help parents find valuable tools and use smart strategies that are hard to find on their own. 

Jennifer is the author of Homeschooling for College Credit, written to serve parents by giving them a birds-eye-view of the college-credit maze.  You can contact Jennifer here.

Read Jennifer’s personal story that inspired her to start this organization.

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