Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Statement

Homeschooling for College Credit is not a business.

Homeschooling for College Credit is an educational social community that serves to assist homeschooling families with resourceful high school and college planning through peer support and mentoring. Our peer-to-peer sector includes Facebook groups for every state as well as for military families.

This website is not designed to sell products and has no capacity for e-commerce.

If you are directed off of this site to a site that does conduct business, any purchases you make there are between you and that business.

We make every effort to only share links to highly reputable and well-regarded websites. If you encounter a link that is suspect, do not conduct business with them and let us know right away.

I accept invitations to review products or services, but all claims-statements-and opinions are my own.  In short, if a product or service is bad, I’ll say so.

Dedicated to keeping this resource free, we may receive a commission for sharing links, coupon codes, discounts, or product promotion links.

We do not pay for marketing, endorsements, likes, or follows.