Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Statement


Homeschooling for College Credit is funded entirely by Jennifer Cook-DeRosa and the contribution or donation of parents.  Everyone who works in the organization, including Jennifer, is a volunteer.  If you’d like to make a donation via Paypal, it is greatly appreciated and will help me keep this site ad-free and cost-free for everyone.

Book Sales

If you would like to purchase a paperback copy of Homeschooling for College Credit, please visit your local library or favorite retailer.  If they don’t carry it, ask them to! Some libraries carry Homeschooling for College Credit, if yours doesn’t, you should ask them to! It costs you nothing and helps many!

No Marketing

I do not pay for marketing, endorsements, likes, or follows.  We do not pay for ads, subscribers, have a click funnel, or engage in internet marketing designed to capture your sale.

Revenue & Affiliate Disclosure

Homeschooling for College Credit is fully owned, operated, and funded by (me) Jennifer Cook-DeRosa.  I am dedicated to keeping this site running and ad-free for as long as possible.  Very occasionally I post something that includes affiliate links if it is for a program that I like, use, and is offering a deal to our readers.  When you shop using an affiliate link, I receive a small commission for your patronage which in turn helps fund this website.  Thank you for supporting Homeschooling for College Credit!

Links taking you off this site

I make every effort to only share links of highly reputable and well-regarded websites.  If you encounter a link or product that is suspect, do not conduct business with them and let me know right away.

Influencer Posts & Advertising

If your company would like to sponsor a social media post or have me (Jennifer) give an honest review of a product, please contact Jennifer directly.  Your post will carry the hashtag #ad.