Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Statement

Book Sales

If you would like to purchase a paperback copy of Homeschooling for College Credit, please visit your favorite retailer.  Wholesalers, libraries, and book distributors may purchase paperback copies through Ingram.  If you purchase through, you can choose paperback or Kindle versions.   


We do not pay for marketing, endorsements, likes, or follows.  We rely on word-of-mouth and social media to reach our audience.


Homeschooling for College Credit is fully owned, operated, and funded by Jennifer Cook-DeRosa.

Links taking you off this site

We make every effort to only share links of highly reputable and well-regarded websites.   If you encounter a link or product that is suspect, do not conduct business with them and let us know right away.

Influencer Posts & Advertising

Some links shared here may generate a commission or ad revenue for HS4CC. If your company would like to sponsor a social media post, please contact Jennifer directly.