Reducing the number of credits your teen has to take BEFORE they enroll will ALWAYS save you the most money.  But even families with a robust Homeschooling for College Credit plan should try to bring their out-of-pocket costs down to zero!

When I suggest your family start applying for scholarships, I don’t mean googling a couple and pumping out an essay the year before college starts – I mean WEEKLY and consistently applying every week for as long as your teen is enrolled!! Most scholarships are open to prospective AND enrolled students.  Once you’ve stopped Homeschooling for College Credit, your new job is to apply, apply, and apply for scholarships!

My recipe for the MINIMUM number of applications they should fill out each year is based on the cost they need to cover that year.  For every $100 your teen needs for this year,  apply for 1 scholarship.

This year’s need $100 = apply for 1 scholarship

This year’s need $1,000 = apply for 10 scholarships

This year’s need $10,000 = apply for 100 scholarships

Every. Single. Year.  These are the minimums!

Personal story:  all of my college-aged kids have earned scholarships in some amount and none are academic rock-stars!  

Please visit and subscribe to Jessica’s site JLV College Counseling.  Jessica is a former college admissions professional dedicated to sharing free resources.  It’s my favorite place to find scholarships for my own sons.  She’s an expert in this area, and my mini-list comes from her site!