Media Packet (2022)

Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, M.S.


Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, M.S. is the founder and Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit. Homeschooling for College Credit is a robust online community that is free to join and run entirely by volunteers.  Each year, her social organization helps thousands of homeschooling families learn how to inject college credit into their homeschool program.

Jennifer brings 25 years of leadership experience as a college administrator, advisor, teacher, and homeschooling parent to Homeschooling for College Credit.

Jennifer’s inspirational teaching style encourages parents to reconsider the wisdom of popular college propaganda.  While others are distracting parents with the fear of their kids being able to get into college, Jennifer helps parents tackle the real challenges of getting their kids out of college!

Through resourceful high school planning, Jennifer teaches parents how to use their time wisely, increase efficiency, bring the goalpost closer, and pay cash for college.

Jennifer and her husband have 4 sons, all homeschooled since Day 1. Their sons all began earning college credit in high school, and collectively her family has 11 degrees from 8 different colleges.

Disclosure: Jennifer has professional relationships or associations with a number of colleges and universities. In the event that one of these relationships represents a conflict of interest, Jennifer will refer you to another member of Homeschooling for College Credit for assistance.

Jennifer’s full curriculum vitae is available upon request.


AUDIO: Jennifer’s guest appearance on High School Hamster Wheel Podcast (2021)

VIDEO: Jennifer’s guest appearance on True North Homeschooling Academy Facebook Live (2021)

VIDEO: Jennifer’s guest appearance on The Learning Lounge Podcast (2021)

Social Media

Facebook followers: ~25,000
Facebook group members: ~32,000
Blog Subscribers: ~24,000

About her Book

#1 BESTSELLER in Homeschooling on Homeschooling for College Credit (2018)

“Recommended Resource” by Homeschool Legal Defense Association


Title:  Homeschooling for College Credit: A Parent’s Guide to Resourceful High School Planning

Paperback: 358 pages

Published: September 27, 2018

Status: in print

Publisher: KDP Amazon

ISBN-10: 1724337610

ISBN-13: 978-1724337610

Kindle: 1995 KB / ASIN: B07HQXLDPY


Planning Information

Public Speaking

As a guideline, if your organization is donating your time, so will I.

  • FREE Live events (streamed/remote): complementary based on availability.
  • FREE Live events (physical/on location): It is my pleasure to donate my time provided your event is both free and open to the public. Travel expenses (mileage) are expected when my physical presence is required.
  • Live events (streamed/remote) for hire:  honorarium requested
  • Live events (physical/on location) for hire: honorarium requested + travel expenses arranged in advance

Book Signing & Selling

If you have a preference as to whether or not Jennifer /HS4CC should bring books to sign and sell, please say so. Unless you say otherwise, we’ll assume it’s acceptable.


Prohibited without advanced written permission.

Wholesale Book Bundles

Your group may purchase Wholesale Bundles (12 books per bundle) with full authorization to resell, gift, donate or distribute the books in any manner you like.  Jennifer collects no royalty on Wholesale Bundles and offers this service as a courtesy to her community.

Please calculate at least 30 days from the time your payment is received for books to arrive at your location. Wholesale discount is 50% off list price. (Tax and shipping charges apply.)

Speaking Topics

NOTE:  Jennifer’s presentations are appropriate for audiences of any political or religious affiliation.

30-Minute Topics

  • How to Homeschool for College Credit
  • Outside the College: How to Earn Affordable College Credit on a Budget

1-Hour Topics

  • Homeschooling for College Credit: How to Get Started
  • Homeschooling for College Credit in Your State
  • CLEP, AP, or Dual Enrollment? What’s the difference?
  • Taking Your 1st CLEP Exam
  • Associate Degrees in High School
  • College Cost: Simple Math, Difficult Decisions
  • 4 Reasons to Homeschool for College Credit This Year
  • Accelerating Your Dual Enrollment Program with CLEP
  • Dual Enrollment on your Transcript
  • Affordable Dual Enrollment
  • Max CLEP in High School
  • Degree Planning at the Big 3
  • Will it Transfer? That’s the Wrong Question

2-Hour Topics

  • Transcript Intensive Jennifer
  • 9th and 10th Grade: Detailed Planning for College Credit Earning
  • 11th and 12th Grade: Detailed Planning and Homeschool Exit Strategy

For private consulting sessions visit Jennifer’s consulting page.

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