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Register now for Spring 2021 Dual Enrollment Courses at ASU

ASU is a favorite dual enrollment option in our community, and their Spring line up has some great courses! ASU published start dates for some of their Spring courses, AND added a new course in Accounting! Registration is open. Please note that these dates are subject to change.

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New Accounting 1 Course Added to ASU’s EA Course Lineup!

Arizona State University has added a new course to their Earned Admissions program: ACC 231 Uses of Accounting 1 is a teacher-paced, 8 week, 3 credit Accounting course with a first offering date of 3/16/2021!

Are you interested in business and its financial aspects? This course introduces the uses of accounting information throughout the business cycle and how accounting information is used for internal and external purposes. Topics include Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or “GAAP” and the preparation and analysis of financial statements.

Opportunities to apply concepts with hands-on practice are integrated throughout the course. In addition, the course’s content is adaptive, allowing you to achieve mastery of the concepts on a personalized learning path.

Focused on decision-making and the role of accounting in the decision-making process, this course’s topics are applicable not only to business but to any situation that utilizes financial information

You will learn:

  • Uses and limitations of accounting information
  • Types of business entities, internal controls, regulatory bodies, and more
  • The accounting cycle from transaction entry to preparation of financial statements
  • How to apply Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Assumptions (GAAP) within accounting’s overall framework
  • Interpretation and analysis of financial statements using ratio analysis
Course Title used by ASUCollege CreditHigh School Credit
Uses of Accounting I31
Breakdown of credit

For More Information:

As with all of ASU’s EA courses, the cost is $25 to sign up and students optionally pay $400 at the end if they like the grade and want to add it to their ASU transcript. If not, no record of the course is recorded. Students may retake the courses as many times as needed to get the grade they want. Bonus: no red tape, no need to send transcripts, no hoops to jump through, and no placement tests. Just sign up for a login on their site and pay $25 per course to start! This is a one-of-a-kind program from a well known, regionally accredited (the gold standard), 4 year, tier 1 research University.

Overview of ASU’s Earned Admissions Program

How to Sign Up for ASU’s Earned Admissions Courses

ASU Course Reviews Page

One more thing!

If you enroll in one of ASU’s EA courses, be sure to join our ASU Homeschooling for College Credit Facebook group! You’ll learn how to get the most out of the program with us!

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HS4CC Parents Share ASU Course Reviews

Many of our Homeschooling for College Credit parents have jumped into the Arizona State University Earned Admission program this year. Well, we have feedback and we’re ready to share! Want to know what other parents think of this program?

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