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UPDATE: 16 Courses Get New Versions

This is an update to the pending expiration dates for several Studycom courses. I can now confirm that those courses were revised. 16 courses have undergone changes over at Studycom and been given new ACE evaluations. We have the list below. The most significant changes were in their computer courses, which we can presume were updates due to new trends in computer science education.

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UPDATED POST **new dates** for 16 CLEP 12/31/22 expiration

This is an UPDATED post tracking the expiration dates of 16 CLEP exams that were set to expire on 12/31/2022. The NEW expiration dates are given as 12/31/2027 except for 4 exams. Renewals are typically for 3 years, so I always find inconsistencies noteworthy. These 3 exams received a 3 month renewal, which could indicate significant content revision changes of those exams this year!!!

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