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Monthly Computer Panel: Programming, Robotics, and more!

Register now for our monthly Computer Panel! This month’s special guest speaker is Dr. Patrick Michaud! His resume includes vast technical experience in many fields, including international lead developer for Perl 6, programming professor at Texas A&M Corpus Christi, and robotics! Our monthly “town-hall-style” panel will bring HS4CC families face to face and one on one with experts from all over the world to provide insight and guidance in the different aspects of computer science and technology-based careers.

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LAST, Last Call: ASU Poetry In America

We were able to secure a later deadline for ASU’s Poetry in America course enrollment period – the new deadline is THIS Friday 1/14/22! Remember- this is a unique course with a specific sign-up window and course content. $25 to participate. Decide later if you want college credit. No guarantees that we will have access to it again.

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NEW Self-Paced ASU UL Course: CIS 309 Business Process Management

Arizona State University has added another NEW course: CIS 309 Business Process Management is a self-paced 3 credit course, available starting January, 2022. Note that this is also an upper level (junior/senior) course, which are hard to find at such a low price!

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Taking College Courses through ASU Digital Prep

ASU’s Digital Prep program offers 2 interesting options to high school students. Students who wish to use their full-time high school program can take up to 2 free university courses per semester. This program is free to Arizona students. Out of state full-time students are charged tuition based on the program they choose.

The second option they offer is part-time Concurrent Enrollment. Students pay $600 per course for ala carte university classes, plus books/supplies. Students can complete as many courses as they’d like at this rate.

Unlike ASU’s Earned Admissions program, that offers low-risk, high-reward courses with no record of failure, Digital Prep’s University courses are subject to the “normal” college rules, such as drop dates, paying up front for the course, and the additional purchase of books and supplies may be required. Failing or substandard grades would become part of their permanent ASU transcript, if the student does not drop or withdraw from a class by the deadlines.

ASU Digital Prep provides several suggested Career Pathways to a wide variety of careers, including engineering, business, arts, sciences, law, pre-med or vet, and many more. ASU’s Digital Prep program expands the number of courses offered to high school students at a deeply discounted rate of $600/course.

Have more questions about ASU Digital Prep or Concurrent Enrollment courses? Digital Prep has a handy FAQ that will answer any of your questions, or join one of their regularly scheduled Live Q&A sessions on their Enrollment Page.

One more thing!

If you enroll in one of these courses, be sure to join our ASU Homeschooling for College Credit Facebook group! You’ll learn how to get the most out of the program with us!

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Register now for Spring 2021 Dual Enrollment Courses at ASU

ASU is a favorite dual enrollment option in our community, and their Spring line up has some great courses! ASU published start dates for some of their Spring courses, AND added a new course in Accounting! Registration is open. Please note that these dates are subject to change.

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HS4CC Parents Share ASU Course Reviews

Many of our Homeschooling for College Credit parents have jumped into the Arizona State University Earned Admission program this year. Well, we have feedback and we’re ready to share! Want to know what other parents think of this program?

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