Pro Tip: Preview Studycom “Assignments”

If your teen is earning college credit through Studycom, they may have nearly finished a course only to find out that they had one or more assignments hidden at the end! That’s not a happy surprise, and that happened to my son this month! In this post, I want to show you how to find those assignments before the class starts, and give you a few tips for getting through them inside of your subscription month.

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You’re Invited! Saturday 11/12/22

Pre-HS4CC & New HS4CC Welcome event! This live questions and answer hour is hosted by Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, executive director of Homeschooling for College Credit. We’ll cover the basics of how earning college credit in high school works, how to select the right type of credit, and how to start earning college credit asap! We’ll have lots of time for your questions at the end too! This is the last welcome event in 2022, so don’t miss this!

This event is free, but registration is required since our meeting capacity is 100.


Free High School Planner: Outlier Courses

I’m really excited to share my newest Learning Guide with you! This 4-year high school planner is totally free and is for families who like Outlier courses and want to resourcefully plan them into their homeschool. This guide is unofficial, which is to say it is not endorsed by Outlier, but since Outlier courses are one of the few good options for legitimate credit laundering, there is a lot of new information I’m eager to share about how to use these courses. This guide contains 7 different high school plans.

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