SeeMore Impact Labs (formerly CSM Learn)

SeeMore Impact Labs

SeeMore Impact Labs now houses the CSM Learn Course. CSM course is an adaptive learning system where your student will learn and master qualitative literacy 34 skills. Each skill has a network of supporting skills that you student will work on only if needed. A list of these skills can be found on pages 59-64 of the CSM Course Curriculum Guide. In addition to math and literacy skills, CSM also teaches problem-solving and learning strategies. CSM is a mastery course in which you must achieve A-level work to pass a skill.

CSM Learn course is ACE evaluated for college credit.

Does NOT contain algebra.

Cost: $39

Type of Credit: 3 ACE credits (What is ACE?)

Partner Colleges (guaranteed transfer) Full transfer guide for each college

In addition to the CSM Learn Course, you can also complete the following courses at no additional charge: Career Strategies, Mathematical Intuitions, and Social Science Explorations.

CSM is a unique course. While teaching mastery for important core math skills, this course motivates the students by earning belts and using “a variety of techniques from educational psychology and behavioral economics to build growth mindset and persistence.” These techniques involve good old-fashioned peer pressure. For example, when working on a skill the course will state that only “10% of adults and 15% of college graduates can complete this skill.” It makes you want to beat the statistics!

If you are looking for an alternative to the prealgebra / algebra 1 / algebra 2 sequence, this would be a great course to consider. (Additional math alternatives listed here.)

CSM has no final exam or video proctoring. All that you need is a computer with an internet connection.

Verification on CSM is done through biometrics – students do biometric typing exercises (e.g., typing “XXXYYY”) periodically throughout the course, and then create a Verification Profile where they upload a photo of their ID, a photo of themselves, and then do similar biometric exercises for a few minutes while a webcam takes photos of them. We then match the ID photo -> student photo -> webcam photos -> verification biometric profile -> course biometric profile. The Verification Profile takes about 20 minutes, and is the only time that requires a webcam (and we have an app that allows students to use a smartphone as a temporary webcam for this purpose).