Transcript Resource Page

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  1. FAQ
  2. Make your template: my LITTLE free mini-class
  3. Become an expert: my BIG Transcript Intensive class

Families in our community often have unique circumstances that requires specialized transcript advice based on their specific circumstances. Learn how to record dual enrollment, CLEP, and other types of credit properly on your homeschool transcript.

1. FAQ

  • Length?  1 page
  • Titles?  Keep them simple.
  • Fonts and colors?  Resist the urge.
  • + and – grades?   If you don’t mind extra math.
  • To weigh or not to weigh?  I recommend including both.
  • 1 college course taken at a college with a grade = 1 high school credit.
  • CLEP exams: do not use the word “CLEP” on your transcript.
  • Brand names shouldn’t appear on a high school transcript.
  • Test scores (PSAT, SAT, ACT, CLEP, AP, etc.) shouldn’t appear on a transcript.
  • Remember that the transcript is only one part of the college application!
  • Know the difference between remedial, regular, honors, AP, or DE
  • High school graduation requirements are not admissions requirements

2. Make your template: my LITTLE free mini-class

Most “homeschool” templates have too much going on, are too “creative” or don’t present your teen’s educational credentials in a way that is taken seriously. Your teen’s academic record extends beyond whether or not they go to college- their record is forever. Create a perfect template by building your own! In my free 30-minute mini-course, I’ll teach you how to quickly build a template you can use again and again with all of your students. My tutorial takes you from a blank page to a fully customized high school transcript in about a 1/2 hour. You’ll also get free printable/downloadable blank transcripts along with printable/downloadable samples of well-written transcripts you can use as examples. The steps work with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Open Office.

3. Become an expert: my BIG Transcript Class

My 3-hour transcript intensive course will cover each and every aspect of creating a professional high school transcript that you can send to any college with confidence. If you’re planning to graduate a number of children from homeschool, this one course will prepare you for all your transcripts to come.


  • PART 1: Transcripts & Record Keeping
    • What is a transcript? What is it not?
    • Homeschool record keeping
    • Sending transcripts to the college
    • Where does a transcript come from?
    • What to put on the transcript, and what to leave off
  • PART 2: Format & Grade Point Average
    • Why unique transcripts make a poor impression
    • What goes in the header and footer
    • How to enter courses on any template
    • Weighted Honors GPA / College GPA / AP GPA
    • Unweighted GPA
    • How to use a GPA calculator
  • PART 3: All the Credits
    • What counts as 1 high school credit? (5 methods to use)
    • What makes dual enrollment different?
    • Using blending homeschool & DE courses for credit
    • Converting dual enrollment into high school credit
    • When and how to round high school credits
    • Recording dual enrollment on a homeschool transcript
    • Recording credit by exam (CLEP, DSST, AP, UExcel, TECEP, ACTFL)
    • Recording ACE credit (Sophia, Studycom, Straighterline, Saylor, etc.)
    • Recording continuing education / adult education courses
    • Recording remedial courses
  • PART 4: Course Titles, Descriptions, and Examples
    • Writing course titles
    • Writing course descriptions
    • Case Studies
  • FREE BONUS: Template Building Mini-Course
  • FREE BONUS: Samples (blank)
  • FREE BONUS: Samples (well-written)
  • FREE BONUS: Membership in my Transcript Support Group

GUARANTEE: I think this course covers everything you need, but if you have a situation that I didn’t cover in the class, bring it to my attention and I will help you one-on-one for no cost- it’s important to me that you have every tool you need to proceed with confidence!