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Transcript Resource Page

Families in our community often have unusual circumstances that requires specialized transcript advice based on their specific circumstances.


Suggested Template

Create a perfect template by building your own! In my free 30-minute mini-course, I’ll teach you how to quickly build a template you can use again and again with all of your students. My tutorial takes you from a blank page to a fully customized high school transcript in about a 1/2 hour. You’ll also get several a free printable blank transcript along with several printable samples of well-written transcripts you can use as examples. Best of all, it works with MS Word, Google Docs, or Open Office.

Calculate the Grade Point Average (GPA)

My free 15-minute mini-course will teach when you should weight your teen’s GPA, how to use my favorite GPA calculator, a printable unweighted GPA table, and a printable weighted GPA table.

Transcript Intensive Course

The Transcript Intensive Course Topics Include:

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