Updated: TEL Learning

Since TEL Learning is a business, not a college, the process earning and using their courses for college credit requires careful consideration and following specific steps to be successful. At HS4CC we believe every company that offers alternative college credit can serve our community and help them save money and time, but only when the parents understand the process. We expect every alternative credit company to present their product in a way that is fully transparent.

At this time, the HS4CC recommendation is for parents to wait for TEL Learning to work through issues before we can recommend parents use the program. If these issues are resolved, we’ll update this page.

Issue 1) TEL Learning is legitimate credit laundering when the credit you earn through TEL will appear on an official college transcript as original credit. Currently, not all of TEL partner colleges are recording the credit as original credit and this is not being disclosed on the TEL website. Parents are led to believe all partner colleges are equal in this respect, which is untrue. At least 1 HS4CC parent has shared the details of her experience and her daughter’s credit being denied because of this issue.

Issue 2) TEL Learning courses that are not recorded as original credit have not been ACE or NCCRS evaluated, which would offer those students a “back up” plan when their credit has been denied. Without being recorded as original credit or having ACE NCCRS evaluation, the student’s likelihood of transfer is essentially 0%.

Issue 3) TEL Learning’s withdrawal and refund policy is limited to the first 30 days. While 30 days is a reasonable refund policy, it is not a reasonable withdrawal policy for a class that spans 365 days. Since TEL courses can become part of a student’s permanent record and disclosed with Student Clearinghouse, this very unusual practice makes the risk of signing up for a TEL course very high and can have detrimental implications beyond high school that include access to Federal Financial Aid, scholarships, college admissions, and grade point average.

Issue 4) The withdrawal process requires parents to discuss and justify their decision to withdrawal with a TEL Learning account manager on the phone. There is no way to withdrawal in your account without going through this very intimidating and high-pressure experience so they can “let” your teen withdrawal.