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Homeschooling for College Credit 101

HS4CC 101 In this session, Jennifer Cook-DeRosa gives you a “crash course” in the principles of Homeschool for College Credit. You’ll learn the basics of how college enrollment works, what types of college credit are available, how to compare college credit types, and how to find and use our community resources. Watch Now (1 hour)

Dual Enrollment

ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY The ASU Universal Learner program is so unique and special that we’ve created a dedicated HS4CC community for our families using these classes. In this presentation, you’ll learn about their “no risk” college classes, how their price structure works, and how to use HS4CC strategies to make the most of what they have to offer. We’ll teach you how to transfer these courses back to your target university and even how to earn a bachelor’s degree for free. Watch Now (1 hour)

FRANKLIN UNIVERSITY Franklin University allows students to take dual enrollment courses taught LIVE in real time using real professors. Students who have already completed 15 college credits have access to their full course catalog (including upper level) and any student taking a course in high school is granted a 20% tuition discount on courses after high school. Franklin accepts CLEP/Sophia/DSST/Straighterline and other forms of alternative credits toward a degree. For students living in Ohio, this program is free, but others pay only $160 per credit. Watch Now (1 hour)

Credit by Exam

YOUR 1ST CLEP EXAM Everything that you need to know to get ready for and take your first exam. In this session we’ll discuss the exams available, how to build your homeschool curriculum to bring in a CLEP exam, how to prepare for the exam and step by step instructions for signing up. Watch Now (1 hour)

MAX CLEP IN HIGH SCHOOL In this session, you’ll learn how to bring in the maximum amount of CLEP exam college credit into your homeschool while still leaving room for other important high school subjects. We’ll discuss the importance of single-subject exams when compared to exams that rely on cumulative understanding. In this presentation, your teen will see how they can earn 2 years of college credit in a regular homeschool high school program. Watch Now (1 hour)

CLEP, ADVANCED PLACEMENT, OR DUAL ENROLLMENT? Part of being your teen’s best guidance counselor is choosing the right kind of college credit for them in high school. In this session, we’ll compare and contrast the major differences between the two popular credit by exam programs and dual enrollment. There are fifteen key differences between these programs, and you’ll leave with a solid understanding about how to make the best choices for your family. Watch Now (1 hour)

College Degrees

ASSOCIATE DEGREES What are Associate Degrees? In this presentation we’ll explore the various types of Associate Degrees and consider whether or not your teen should pursue one in high school. We’ll look at the situations where it is to your benefit as well as situations where it adds extra time and money to your teen’s college plan. We’ll discuss the times when they transfer perfectly and times when they don’t transfer at all. Watch Now (1 hour 15 minutes)

THE BIG 3: AFFORDABLE BACHELOR’S DEGREES Who are the Big 3 and why are so many people using them for their teen? In this session, you’ll learn about Charter Oak State College, Thomas Edison State University, and Excelsior College. This group, frequently called The Big 3, have unique transfer policies that allow you to DIY a bachelor’s degree in high school using alternative college credit for under $10,000. We’ll explore if these degrees and colleges are legit and when a degree from one of these universities is a great option or a bad idea. Watch Now (1 hour)

SIMPLE MATH DIFFICULT DECISIONS An unfiltered look at the business of college and how you can navigate the system where most students end up in debt and don’t graduate. You’ll look at how to calculate the real cost of a degree, and you’ll learn real ways to bring that cost down as low as possible without the uncertainty of scholarships. Watch Now (1 hour)

Guest Appearances

High School Hamster Wheel Betsy Jewell is a career and college coach and host of High School Hamster Wheel Podcast. In this episode, we dive into what inspired Jennifer to launch Homeschooling for College Credit and how she tested out of two degrees in 18 months. “Talk about eye opening! I have two kids in high school, one about to graduate, and most of this was news to me…I am blown away by how much Jennifer knows about all of this and she does this all for free! What an incredible opportunity for parents and teens to save time and money while earning college credits.” -Betsy Jewell Listen Now (40 minutes)

Humility and Doxology Amy Sloan and her husband are second-generation homeschoolers who follow a “restfully classic” approach to homeschooling their 5 children. Humility and Doxology’s Podcast interviews with real-life homeschool moms, dads, and other educators on all sorts of topics that affect our lives as homeschool parents. “I loved Jennifer’s encouragement and down-to-earth approach, and especially her reminder that there is no one-size-fits-all model for this homeschool high school and college/career journey. This is a conversation you’ll want to listen to today, then save and listen to again as you consider choices for your homeschool teens!” -Amy Sloan Watch Now (45 minutes)

True North Homeschool Academy Lisa Nehring, director of True North and former college admissions counselor with two graduate degrees, interviews Jennifer about the crazy changes of higher education in the past decade, changing your vocabulary about how you think about degrees and credentials, and how to future-proof your teen’s education. Watch Now (50 minutes)

International Institute for Innovative Instruction Dr. Joel Gardner is the Assistant Dean of Instructional Design at Franklin University and is an expert in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences. In Dr. Gardner’s interview, he invites Jennifer to discuss the issues of access and affordability of college education as well as approximately 44.7 million Americans who have outstanding student loans. Jennifer shares her insights about reducing debt and increasing college completion rates by coming to college with transfer credits from high school. Watch Now (20 minutes)

Homeschool Project Podcast Hosts Nathan and Anita ask Jennifer about the road to a debt-free education, all starting in high school. Listen Now (1 hour)

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